The Very Alt F Tour hits Boston and El Jaleo!

Be forewarned, this will be a long post but, fairly entertaining I hope.

Yeah, the Very Alt F Tour was supah Killah! John Michael Cooper and Dalisa arrive in Rockstar fashion with their wicked big tour bus that traveled across the US to our wonderful slice of the world just west of Boston. Yeah it’s big and yeah it took almost my entire drive way to fit the monstah. John and Dalisa brought the supah stah Jason Domingues with them for the ride from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts. Jason has some family out here so, he made a little trip out here to hang with us for a day and then shoot out to hang with his family. The first night we hung out, ate, and chatted. Nice! Thursday morning we woke up, prepped the coffee and food then, greeted all the photographers that attended the seminar. John started off with a short lecture then off to shoot an engagement session with Katie and Mike. From what I can tell, John shot with a 35mm F/2 on a D3. BTW, the D3 is such a wicked sweet camera. Seriously, Nikon produced a kick ass SLR that captures sweet images with fantastic high ISO range and clarity. I hovered around shooting images of John shooting Katie and Mike. It was fun and insightful on how John creates his imagery. We went inside after this to download and edit. John showed us his workflow and editing methodology. He uses Lightroom for the most part and CS for a the final touch. Later in the day John shot a Anti Bridal session. The concept was little red riding hood in the woods with wolfy aka Visa hiding in the foreground. Pretty cool huh! John is very inspired by film which leads him to create images that are based on concepts that are very unique and creative. I can see that John really puts a substantial amount of time creating the concept. He story boards the concept and goes into the shoot having full knowledge of what to create. It’s truly inspiring to hear John speak and to see his transition from concept to setup, shooting, and post production. Here’s some of the images from the seminar.

John explaining alternate lighting with some handheld Sun video lights.
Jason Domingues hangin out at the Very Alt F Tour
Jason Domingues hangin out at the Very Alt F Tour
I really wanted to get this shot with the folders on John's head.
Shooting the engagement session with Katie and Mike

Baci and Visa hangin out outside. Such cute puppies and fun!

John workin with my hottie wife to creat the Anti Bridal
John workin with the model to create the Anti Bridal


The next morning we went to breakfast before heading to musuem.
What John really came to Boston to see.
What John really came to Boston to see.
I had to take Dalisa on a lilspin around Boston in the Smart!

And finally I finished off day with a shovel shoot with JMC. This is a shovel that was bought to replace the one that was lost (long story and much stress around it’s loss) and I’ve been waiting all these months to have it officially blessed by JMC. There was a sight that was created by Joel and Rita Wiebner in Pennsylvania.

The site is here:

Here’s my take with JMC as the subject.

JMCs Shovel Shoot - Let the clone wars begin
JMC's Shovel Shoot - Let the clone wars begin

Now Dalisa’s turn. Maybe just a bit darker of a scene though. 😉

Dalisas Shovel Shoot - Hey whats that leg...
Dalisa's Shovel Shoot - Hey what's that leg...

When Friday wrapped up I was sad. Dalisa and John were great company. I mean Supah Awesum Company!!! I really enjoyed hosting the seminar. Thanks!

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