The New Canon EOS 5D Mark II hands on Video

The long awaited Canon 5D is being replaced with the super cool 5D Mark II. We get a list of new features that are outstanding. My top favorite features are supah high ISO. Yes! That means cleaner high ISO images and the need for less flash beacuse of this. Yeah! I love using flash. Love IT! Anyways, we now have sraw. Yum! Live preview. Wicked! Faster processor, weather sealing, a better lcd screen, and HD video. HD video. What! Yeah video, I can imagine some fun with video but, will this turn the industry on it’s heads? Naw, I’m not to worried. I’ll still shoot stills but, I’m sure some of the wedding photographers in the world will figure a way to offer video into their coverage but, I have only a few good reasons to use it. Maybe client interviews at the end of the night for blogging. Hmm.. that could be fun or maybe some video clips for a slide show. Oh and a street price of $2699 or so. Basically, Canon came out with a pretty remarkable camera that I’m sure will be a supah hot item come the fall. Oh.. and yes.. I’m definietely gonna need one of these. I mean come on, how can I resist?

Here’s a cool video of the Canon 5D Mark II from the guys at Digital SLR User Magazine in the UK


and a link to the Canon site with the technical information:

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