The Barn at Gibbet Hill – Groton, Massachusetts

I recently shot a wedding with the supah wickedly cool Saucey Stacey Doyle for supah stylin studio of The Tirados. The ceremony was at The Barn at Gibbet Hill in Groton MA. I had a few firsts for this wedding. First was the bride and groom went directly to a pub they frequented in Lowell. Sweeeet! Second, as Stacey and I were scoping out the area for pictures and the possibilities of jumping this little fence and get some big scenery shoots with the bride and groom but, I happened to notice a letter electric meter. Yeah so, that means it’s electrified. No jumpin fences today. Oh well but, the story doesn’t end there. Once we completed shooting the group pictures several of the children decided to have a race to the fence. Yeah, I made sure I spoke up and said, “Hey, that’s electrified!” Well, the needless to say, one of the children was shocked but, that’s not all! We had a bridesmaid that had never heard of a electric fence. See pictures below! The father of the bride decided to show her the wonderous properties of electricity. Needless to say, she was shocked with the results..da du dunnn. The reception was totally off the hook. People were dancin, people were on other peoples shoulders, music was awesome and let’s just say spirits were high. It was a blast shootin with Stacey and our happy couple Laura & Brendan! Woot! Woot!

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    1. I’ve shot their once and I digg it! The variety is sweet. I really love Lake View Pavillion in Foxboro to. It’s much closer and the layout inside works really well for wedding photographers.

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