JVS Weddings Assist – Austin, TX

I was thrilled to be asked to assist a great photographer and lighting genius JVS. The wedding took place in October but, I’m finally getting around to writing about it. I had written a long post about this on a forum and needed to minimize the story for the blog. The rehearsal dinner and wedding took place in Austin, Texas. My job entailed providing off camera lighting and shooting the formal pictures. The rehearsal dinner was fantastic. It was a very swanky villa with great decor and fun photographic opportunities. The dinner was well attended and had plenty of humorous speeches. It was really exciting!!! The wedding day followed and it was simply amazing! They really do it “Big” in Texas. The ceremony took place in a great church that was completely filled with family and guests. We flew through the groups and packed up quickly to head to the reception. The reception location was at the UT Golf Club. Several tents were set up for the reception and there were close to 750 people, with several food and drink stations and lots of excitement! You’ll notice below that I’m kneeling on the floor as if I’m praying. well, I’m not. This was simply Joseph’s fun attempt to grab a few frames of me in action. Hearty har, har! The night was a great learning experience and provided a view into the platinum wedding world.

JVS and myself posing at the rehearsal dinner, that’s me shooting the formals, and me praying to the light god… 😉

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