FerShop a Workshop for Wedding Photographers | Bride and Groom Portaits | Boston, Massachusetts

I recently attended the Pictage User Group meeting at LensProToGo in Concord, MA. The featured speaker was Fer Juaristi from Mexico. Fer is a wedding photographer that enjoys seeing natural light, texture, and creative lines. His portraiture is really, really awesome. He is a natural talent with a great, humble, and fun personality. He’s been shooting for the last four years with a background in video. He watched a video in 2006 featuring some of the great wedding photographers of our time called Masters of Wedding Photography. This video truly inspired him and motivated him to start shooting stills.

In my research of Fer and his work I noticed that a workshop was scheduled the day after the PUG meeting. I was excited! I signed up as soon as I could. I got up nice and early that day, practiced some hot yoga, ate a healthy breakfast, and headed out on my Daytona 675 motorcycle to Boston for the workshop. Riding in the morning was fun and yes, I used my iPhone for the gps that’s mounted on the handle bars. It’s convenient and really made the ride straightforward with very little stress getting to the workshop. Once I arrived at the Ad Hoc Studio I was happy to find Fer had just arrived. Ahh, the benefits of arriving early. We had a few minutes to get to know each other and share some stories. I was impressed with his energy and infectious happiness.

Once the FerShop started Fer went over his origins, family, style, imagery, and pricing. The day was planned around discussion, shooting, lunch, discussion, more shooting, and editing. We had two models to work with, Laura and Ryan. They are getting married in February of 2012 at Aventura Spa Palace Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. They really knew how to turn on the hotness and showed us some badass chemistry. They really worked it for us, even with the hot sun in their eyes they managed to keep it cool. Thanks Laura and Ryan!

I really enjoyed attending the FerShop. It’s so fun to meet, talk, and work with other photographers. Here’s some of the images from the day that I really love. Thanks Fer! I look forward to following your work and enjoying your company again.



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