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When I first started shooting my first solo weddings in 2005 I meet DJ Ron Carpenito at a wedding I was shooting. DJ Ron is one of the few DJs that I’ve meet that is very talented, fun to work with, and knows how to work a crowd to keep your wedding party having fun all night long. Through conversation with Ron I found out that his wife owns and manages a wedding photo site, called www.weddingphotousa.com. It’s a resource for couples to find photographers across the country. I joined up and have really enjoyed the content of the site. It’s full of creative images and great information about wedding photographers. I particularly like the “Wedding Photo of the Week” section. It’s really exciting to see other photographers images and get some insight on how it was created.

This week one of my images was featured. Here’s the image and how I created it.

Photo Equipment:

Canon 5d F/8@125th ISO 100 Manual Program. Flash is off camera actuated by a Pocket Wizard. It’s set on Manual at 1/8th power.
The flash is off to my right at about 45 degrees on a 8ft. light stand.


The image was shot at the Higgins House at WPI in Worcester, Massachusetts. The couple has a friend of the family that drove them to the ceremony in his cherry 56 Ford Sunliner and wow! What a car. I intentionally shot the couple on a dark background and added the road background later. This is one of those times where I new from the start that this shot was going to be a sweet image with a little help from Photoshop. Also, for a situation like this I encourage photographers to walk around your subjects and capture alternate angles. I shot this image straight on, from the side of the car, in the mirror, and from within the vehicle. I took maybe 7 minutes in all to capture 10 different angles. Group pictures followed directly after. Which took 20 minutes. We then followed with 10 minutes of shooting the bride and groom. Think fast, work quickly, and work the location.


The background was layer masked in and I added a blur layer for the foreground.

Here’s the finished image. BTW I have a 16×24 canvas print hangin on my wall in my client meeting space and it looks GREAT! Canvas prints rock!

and what I started with.

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