Bristol Harbor Inn – Bristol, RI

Today was the wedding of Tara and Scott. I shot Tara’s sister Tracy’s wedding last year so, the expectations were high for both them and me. Also, I shot Tara and Scott’s engagement pictures a month ago and I knew today would be exceptional. The started out in Tara’s room at the Bristol Harbor Inn. It was fun shooting the details and capturing the buildup to the ceremony. Tara and family are super fun to be around. It’s definitely work to shoot weddings but, with clients like this it makes all the effort worth it. The ceremony was held at the First Congregational Church in Bristol. This church wasn’t flash friendly so, I relied on my super sweet Canon 5d to pull out the results. We headed to Colt State Park afterwards for the group shots. We stopped at a few locations to shoot. I really turned up the creativity and was very pleased with the results. Tara and Scott were great clients to work with and their love really came through in the images. We headed back to get to the cocktail hour and shoot a few more family portraits. I had a fantastic day of shooting and walked away from Tara and Scott’s wedding sore but, very happy that I could capture their day. Thanks!!!

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  1. Jeff- What amazing photography!! Your AMAZING pictures make me want to rewind time and re-marry all over again!!! This particular couple, are depicted as models!!! GORGEOUS!!

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