Borderland State Park and The Great Hall – Fall River, MA

Today was a great day with great weather, a fun couple, and an excellent reception site. This was the wedding for Katie and Matt. I started off at Katie’s house just past noon. Her house was full of family and fun. We headed out to Easton for the ceremony at Borderland State Park. We hoped for no rain and were rewarded with a fantastic outdoor wedding. Outdoor weddings are really unique and to me, a great way to have a sensational ceremony. We had fun shooting the group shots afterwards. Katie and Matt obliged me in shooting some pics of the two of them alone on the property. The Borderland State Park is really diverse and offers plenty of locations within a short distance. We then headed to the Great Hall in Fall River for the Reception. The Great Hall is a converted church with real style. I was really blown away with the decor and found plenty of great opportunities to shoot it’s unique interior. Katie and Matt are another couple who have great taste. They also choose an exceptional cake from Konditor Meister. Their cakes are among the best that I’ve ever seen and taste unbelievable. I’m always in awe with the attention to detail with their cakes. Wow!!!



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  1. Thanks for sending these, they are GREAT! I am glad you enjoyed the wedding. You really went above and beyond and we were so happy to have you there.

  2. I wish you were my wedding photographer! If I had only known… You really captured the personalities of Katie and Matt and the atmosphere on their wedding day…. full of fun, friends, family and love!

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