A Wedding and Reception at the Tirrell Room – Quincy, MA

I had the distinct pleasure of assisting/second shooting for Sheryl Widberg at the wedding of Nancy and Greg. The ceremony and reception took place at the Tirrell Room in Quincy, Massachusetts. I started off at Greg’s house, then headed to Nancy’s to meet Sheryl and take some portraits. Once the limo arrived we headed to the Tirrell room to kick off their wedding day. An interesting part of the day was that the JOP was being taped for a possible reality TV show about her JOP services in conjunction to being a funeral home owner. I’ll add her info when I find it.

The ceremony was sweet with an inspiring set of vows. The reception followed with plenty of dancing and fun. We even snuck outside in the rain and snow for an image where Sheryl used some flashlights to paint with light. I took the easy way out (i.e. I didn’t have a tripod handy) and just shot high ISO and PS’d the LOVE in after the fact. Painting with light has steadily made it’s way into semi-mainstream style of shooting wedding photographs. There’s a pretty hip photographer that truly inspires me with his cool globes of light and this guy really takes it to a new level of inspiration with his work.  Mental note: come up with my own set of scenes to use at my next wedding.

A word about second shooting, I’ve come to enjoy second shooting for a couple of reasons. First, second shooting gives me the chance to focus more on the couple and not have to worry about all the details of working with the client prior to the wedding day. Secondly, I have more freedom to get cool detail shots. Thirdly, I can relax a bit and focus on the other moments of the day. Finally, you get to work with your peers and geek out doing photography stuff. Geek speak some photography on me and I get all sorts of giddy.

The night was a filled with lots of dancing fun. Here’s some of  the images that I captured on Nancy and Greg’s wedding day. Thanks for stopping by!

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