Two Days in LV with Sister, Sven, and Mom

I hung out with my sister Christine, my brother in law, Sven, and my mom, Dorothy. My sister lives in LV and my mom drove up from Tucson. My mom was heading up to Washington to explore and maybe make a new home there.

On Saturday, my gamer sis and I went down to the strip so I could take some scenic photographs that I had missed out during the week. We stopped at several locations and we chatted about life. We ended up at the Bellagio where we met Sven for the buffet. The food as usual was excellent. Sven and I pigged out on crab legs. Emm…sooo yummy. Sven was talking about a project he’s involved with called CityCenter. It’s being built next to the Bellagio. Sven is part of the architectual team that’s designing it. I was completely stunned to hear plans of a hotel that didn’t have gaming in it. It makes sense though. Almost everywhere in LV has gaming and there’s nothing that caters to the high end client who doesn’t. CityCenter is online gaming planned for completion in the next few years and I can’t wait to come back and see it done. My sister encouraged my to come back and let me know that there’s always a bed open for me when I do.

Sunday was filled with R&R and a bit of shopping for the family. As I was wrapping up I sprinkled stickey notes around the house to let them know how much I appreciated their warmth. It’s just those little things in life that make all the difference. As night fell I drove back to the airport to return the rental car. I checked in, dropped my luggage off, headed through security and waited at the gate. I took the red eye home and arrived in Boston at 8am. It was a long week but gaming, a week like no other.

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