The Triumph Daytona 675 – She loves me!

My wife and I decided to purchase some new bikes. The condition is a pretty sweet one. She’ll buy mine if I buy hers. How awesome is that! We looked around and I originally had my sights on a Buell. They are amazing pieces of engineering with a modified HD motor. I went to several dealers in our area and I wasn’t convinced that I was making the right decision. We continued to look for dealers that were fairly close to us and stumbled upon Performance Cycles in Shrewsbury. We spoke with George and looked at two Ninja’s. My wife was very interested in the Ninja 250 and was being advised to jump to the bigger size right off the bat. She was convinced that the 250 would do it for her and we put down a deposit. I on the other hand, wasn’t completely convinced that the Ninja ZX6R was my bike. One day after work I strolled down to the dealership and layed my eyes upon this beautious machine called the Triumph Daytona 675. It was so sexy, clean, and begged to be ridin. It was a clear departure from all the other 600cc class bikes. I slapped down a deposite and was the first customer to take delivery! Woo Hoo!