LIEB – 2 day seminar

I attended a two day seminar for my day job on 9/11 and 9/12. The seminar is called Leadership is Everyone’s Business.  The first day was half classroom based and the second half was outdoor activities. One of the activities some of us were blindfolded and were led through the woods without verbal communication negotiating obstacles. We then moved to elements in the trees, such as walking across beams and wires attached to trees from 15 feet to 30. I ended up doing the easiest element, it was fun but, I felt compelled to shot pics of everyone enjoying the challenge. The idea was to trust in your group to provide safety with the ropes and support accomplishing the task. The second day looked at behaviors and ideals that foster leadership. We had many team building exercises that were very enjoyable. I really enjoyed the experience and truly feel blessed to work for such a caring company. 

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