Laconia – NH 2006

I survived my 2006 Laconia ride. This is my second time up and my first time staying the first weekend. We left mid-day Friday and rode rain free. I spent the weekend with my buddy Gerry O’Shea and the O’Shea clan. I was the only sport bike in the mix but, I only caught a minimal amount of crap because of it. C’mon it’s a Triumph…a sweet one at that…No run of the mill bike here. Saturday was full of rain but, we managed to get a bit of riding in and enjoy a great supper with about 20 other riders. Sunday was great and Laconia wasn’t overly crowded as it will be this weekend. I managed to check out the Wall of Death attraction. It was pretty cool. I’ve seen snipits on Discoverey but, the real thing is amazing. I’m looking forward to next year and hopefully some better weather.