Combo 3.1 with John Michael Cooper or ALT F

On Friday and Saturday I attended a book binding/album making seminar at John’s studio in Las Vegas. John has been a leader in many aspects and has reverse engineered a lay flat album. He’s been producing these albums, by hand for the several years. The qualitys is impressive and they finished product is superb. Making your own albums allows for great diversity in size, color, cover choice, and content. I was amazed with the process and this is exactly what makes me love photography. Not only can you create unique work but, you can showcase it in a finely handcrafted custom album.

John is an innovator and takes a unique look at life. He challenges the world and creates a multitude of amazingly unique images that have redefined what fine art photography is. Take a look at his site and you’ll see what I mean. Give him a call if you ever need to have wedding or portrait coverage in the Las Vegas area. You will be amazed at what a picture can be.
We were instructed step by step on how to create our own albums that were sized to 8″ tall by 20″ wide. Each page was one entire picture with no breaks. We selected our own cover material, fly page, and spine fabric. The process itself is not for the faint of heart but, it does take attention to detail and knack to work with materials. I did document the day with my camera and I wasn’t shy about taking pictures of the steps. It was suprisingly straight forward to create the album but, with all things, it’s easier to see it in action. I was completely thrilled to attend John’s seminar and he’s given me new motivation to create my own hand made albums.

Initially I’ll need to purchase a few pieces of hardware to make it reallity but, I expect that I’ll be ready to churn out my own albums by the mid 2008.

Thanks Dalisa (his most excellent wife) and John, I really dig the support!

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