Barack Obama’s Win in Boston – Fairmount Copley, Boston

I attended the Barack Obama celebration party last night at the Fairmount Copley in Boston. It was a fantastic event with people from every race, creed, and color. The event had scores of media there broadcasting live and interviewing the crowd. I was simply there to enjoy the company and document this historic day in history. I was amazed at how diverse the crowd was. I was amazed at the out pouring of emotion, the absolute happiness, and the optimism for change. After the celebration ended at the Fairmount Copley people started gathering in the streets and celebrating. It was amazing! I truly felt an overwhelming joy and happiness with my fellow Bostonians! We Barack’d the Vote!

On an additional note, I so wish that I pursued photojournalism after high school. I feel so connected when I document events and it brings me such unbelievable joy. Maybe someday I’ll have the opportunity to be a staff photographer.

4 thoughts on “Barack Obama’s Win in Boston – Fairmount Copley, Boston

  1. You captured the emotion of the day so beautifully, I loved looking at all the photos, and felt a stirring of happiness and hope in my heart. Photos that trigger emotions in the viewers are very powerful, amazing job!

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