Natick’s 9/11 Memorial – Before the Ceremony

I woke up today with a goal. I wanted to see Natick’s 9/11 Memorial at the Natick Police/Fire Station in Natick Center. I grabbed my cameras, jumped on my bike, and headed downtown to see if the monument was presented. To my surprise, preparations were being made for the big ceremony tonight at 6pm. I met Jeff and Nina Buccacio. Jeff is the artist behind creating the monument. Over the course of the next few hours people, news reporters, ¬†and people who were at ground zero streamed in and out. They talked about the girder from one of the towers, the plaque, and the sundial that marks when the attacks occurred. Jeff Buccacio is a Natick resident, artists, and former¬†designer/sculptor for numerous Hollywood movies. Here’s some of the images that I captured.

Natick 9/11 Memorial

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