DWF Convention 2006

I just came back from another fantastic convention from my favorite forum, The Digital Wedding Forum. Last year was the first convention and this year was significantly better. We had better presentations, crazier photographers, and a live wedding shoot by some of the best wedding photographers in the industry. It was simply amazing! It was held in Las Vegas, of course, and the weather was great. I managed to get some sun time poolside and get a little color. Which is rare for the east coasters. I grabbed plenty of pictures and managed to put together a slideshow that recaps the experience. This year the Jerry Ghionis, the Boutwell’s and the master, John Michael Cooper rocked my world. JMC was completely over the top….Wow…I’d love if my brides would let’s me play with fire! Yes, that’s right, I said play with fire…Well, they don’t our at least I haven’t found any that would be game. I did have at least one who took me up… wait till the end of the slideshow but, she melted with excitement. Also, I was lucky enough to get a super brief cameo on the Simple Photo Minute. Look at the picture below in the Middle. That’s Dane Sanders and Jules Bianchi recording SPM at the DWF convention. They caught me shooting them during the recording…yeah that’s sweet!