The Traveling Shovel – The Final Take

The shovel shoot has wrapped up and I submitted the final images to Joel and Rita Wiebner’s The Traveling Shovel site.  Below is the text that I wrote for the shovel visit and the accompanying images.

The shovel hit Boston. Initially I took the box, cut the tape to find our beloved friend. I said hey Mr..err.. Mrs.. ooh whatzup ya wicked pissah shovel! Let’s go for a ride! I started up my bike, grabbed my camera, and headed to Boston for some fun. I mean the shovel HAS to see Boston. We headed down route 9 dodging the cars. The shovel leaned over and asked me to slow down. I eagerly laughed and proceeded to make the shovel sweat. All was good but, I could see that the shovel was splintering at the seams. I looked back and reassured the shovel that everything would be fine. I took the shovel around town. We went past the big dig where I heard a gasp… the shovel knew it was on hollowed grounds. I heard a meek, I betya uncle Tony was part of this.

We sauntered up to Newbury street to check out the scene. The shovel started to get anxious when we went past Starbucks. I looked back and could see the thirst. We pulled the bike in and grabbed a Mocha Latte. I was surprised that a coffee could be drank so fast. After that we headed gabbed with some of my fellow riders and the shovel asked for a few pics.. I said..aww c’mon! Shovel said, naw really shoot me.. shoot me now! As we wrapped up the boys were jeering me on for some fun. The shovel knew it was in for some trouble. We headed out and proceeded for a little one wheeled fun. I heard screeches of concern from my back seat. The shovel grabbed on and commented “that’s not fun!”

The next day we woke up and took care of some business in a local woodsy area. There’s no reason to discuss what the trip was for but, let’s just say… the shovel dug the event.

The shovel was a real pleasure to have around. We enjoyed some local chowdah and lobstah. We went to a movie and we stayed up several nights getting the low down of the trip so far. The shovel told me that Vegas was a blast! I concurred and let the shovel now of my fun out at my Choppah shoot. Later in the week we watched a Sox game and the shovel commented that Big Papi was dah bomb. I said ya! You know it!

Our final day was spent putting a curse on that team from New York know as the Yankee’s. I joked about this earlier in the week but, the shovel kept egging me on about. It kept mentioning it has special powers. It told me all the necessities for the curse and we headed out to acquire them. Once we got home we commenced with the ceremony. The shovel emphatically said that I must say “The Sox will bury the Yankee’s!” I have to say that my hairs stood on the back of my neck as I heard a loud cheer in the background.

The shovels time was short but, it’s welcome back anytime. We laughed, we bonded, and we enjoyed the time together. I asked to call anytime or stop by every so often. The shovel looked back as I was packing it up and whispered…. Goodbye Jeff… those Sox are Pissah…I hope to see you again.

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