My First Cover Shot! – The Colonnade and The Smart Car, Boston, MA

Last year I had a shoot at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston. The Colonnade wanted a set of images to highlight their recent purchase and marketing of their super cool Smart Car (Otherwise known as the Smart Passion, Smart 451, and just plain old Smaaht Cah). They bought a couple of Smart Cars to offer to their guests during their stay with select hotel packages and to have a sweet way to market their hotel around the city. I approached the project with the idea of the final image being a composite image that was created using the “painting with light” technique. Essentially I set up my camera on a tripod and set the proper exposure. I then hooked up a remote activation device, a Pocketwizard. I then took my hand help flash and connected another Pocketwizard. I walked around the Smart car and created a single exposure with the desired flash on each frame building a group of images that once compiled and Photoshop’d together would yield an image with a look that seems to be lit from many different angles. The final image had some minor post processing¬† to increase saturation and color correction.¬† This process has been popularized by Las Vegas photograper, John Michael Cooper/ALT F. He’s been exploring this technique for the last few years and has taking his concept mainstream. This was my first foray into the process for a commercial client and I’m ecstatic with the results.

Back to the point of the post. Last week as I was checking out twitter I found a post on Twitter by the Colonnade, which happen to be avid social media evangelists. Here’s the Tweet: “Our Twitter Profile photo makes the cover of a magazine! – Thank You to: @jeffnewcumphoto + Selbert Perkins” Needless to say, I was psyched!!! So, here’s my first cover shot for a magazine. First is the magazines cover and the second is the original shot. Thanks Colonnade and Sign of the Times!!!

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