Happy Birthday to all my 2/20 friends!

Well, it finally happened. I’m now 39 and that much closer to the big 40. I feel like I’ve come pretty far considering the challenges that I faced and quite honestly we all have challenges that we overcome. I’ve learned that life’s challenges will continue but, our ability to handle them in a productive way defines who we are. All in all I’ve had a life full of diversity and humbling experiences. I’m so blessed to have survived the storms and the ability to see through the challenges to emerge a better person. Life is never easy and quite honestly, who wants an easy life? I mean where’s the fun in that? Life is a beautiful blessing and we  have the ability to be anything we choose regardless of what the past has presented us. Easy huh!

BTW: Here’s some other people that share my birthday. I think I’m in good company!

20 – Feb – 1988   Rihanna  (22)
20 – Feb – 1976   Laura Bendixsen  (34)
20 – Feb – 1975   Brian Littrell  (35)
20 – Feb – 1971   Joost van der Westhuizen (39)
20 – Feb – 1967   Kurt Cobain  (43)
20 – Feb – 1967   Andrew Shue  (43)
20 – Feb – 1966   Cindy Crawford  (44)
20 – Feb – 1964   French Stewart  (46)
20 – Feb – 1963   Charles Barkley  (47)
20 – Feb – 1954   Patty Hearst  (56)
20 – Feb – 1951   Gordon Brown  (59)
20 – Feb – 1948   Jennifer O’Neill  (62)
20 – Feb – 1946   Sandy Duncan  (64)
20 – Feb – 1941   Buffy Sainte-Marie  (69)
20 – Feb – 1937   Nancy Wilson  (73)
20 – Feb – 1934   Bobby Unser  (76)
20 – Feb – 1927   Sidney Poitier  (83)
20 – Feb – 1925   Robert Altman  (85)
20 – Feb – 1924   Gloria Vanderbilt  (86)
20 – Feb – 1906   Gale Gordon  (104)
20 – Feb – 1902   Ansel Adams  (108)

I ended up being invited to go skiing in Vermont at Mount Snow and what a fun day it was. This was the first time I skied Mount Snow. The drive was pretty standard, about three hours from Natick. We skied for a half day but, the trails are challenging enough to keep it fun. I even entered the terrain park a few times and made a pass down the half pipe. Emm.. fun! I’m really thinking that I may transition to riding this year. I’ve been skiing since the 3rd grade and have numerous years of skiing under my belt. I’ve even had the privilege of skiing some of the finest northeastern resorts and even skied Snowbird in Utah once. Snowbird was amazing! Where are all my skiing/riding couples? I need to do an engagement session on skis then, maybe a wedding ceremony mountainside followed by a wild snowy reception. Yeah, those are the clients I want. I’m here and willing to capture your mountainside wedding day.

Here’s some of the images from my iPhone and Shake it Photo that I captured from the day.

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  1. February 23, 2010

    The fact that you share Ansel Adams birthday makes you even a better person and photographer in my book! Great Minds! Happy Birthday!

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