Boston Marathon 2010 from Natick, Massachusetts

Today was the 3rd time I shot the Boston Marathon from Natick, Massachusetts. I have to say that shooting the marathon experience is pretty awesome. I’m amazed by the energy, drive, and dedication to compete at this level. Running is just one part of the marathon and obviously it’s the major part but, the wheelchair athletes simply astound me. I can only imagine the stories the coincide with their disabilities but, to come and compete any marathon…. Wow!!! Talkin about the will to continue in life. It only makes it crystal clear that the brain controls our body. Yet, some people let their body control their mind. Congratulations to all the marathoners and I look forward to next year.

The F-15 fly over just as the first participants enter Natick.
W101  	Tsuchida, Wakako
W103 Amanda McGrory followed closely by W104 Shirley Reilly
Who said hand cycling isn't exciting?

The Elite women make their way into Natick center.
Deriba Merga leads the mens elite group through Natick

Top finisher in the Men's Elite group Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot pushing the pace in Natick

Ryan Hall making his way back to the lead pack in Natick.

Team Hoyt pushing through Natick with the new wheelchair. It looks a bit more bulky than last years wheelchair. Keep going Dick!

3 thoughts on “Boston Marathon 2010 from Natick, Massachusetts

  1. Nice job, I really enjoyed the pictures, I am from Natick, but live in Michigan, I have a Boston Marathon picture on my wall I love from 1989 shows it from Commonwealth street, just love it, had an uncle that lived in one of the old apt there, any way, lovely job, enjoyed, Bess

  2. Enjoyed your photo’s found them in a family tree search thru James Couples Foster decendent search. Keep up the good work sorry about your father.

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