Creative in North Grafton, MA

Today I had a great day of shooting with some superb local photographers; Alicia Williams, Jamison Wexler, Stacey Doyle, and Melissa Kline . Jamie Wexler had made a plan to shoot Lisa Rae prior to her wedding day in December. He had come up with a few locations to shoot her bridals. We meet up in Grafton and headed out to a few locations for the nice smiley portraits and then we headed into the woods for some… different ones. We used a couple of props that may raise a brow or two. Don’t worry, there was no ammo.

Here’s some more images

A great idea that’s been talked about is to offer an after engagement shoot after the wedding to trash your dress. We’ll not totally trash it but, do some less traditional shots. We’re working on locations and think that we’ll find a brave few to have a lil fun.

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