The Boston Marathon 2013 captured from Natick

It’s been almost a year and I’m ready to look at the images from the 2013 Boston Marathon to put together a post on my blog. I captured the images from about 10am (a late start) to 1:30pm. I was home shortly after that, started downloading, selecting, editing, and then the news broke about the tragedy. What followed was days worth sleuthing on what happened, following the hourly updates, twitter updates, reddit mega threads, online police radios, and the final takedown coverage. Now, as I reflect back and look at my the day, I reconnect with our unbridled ability to push ahead, no matter what pains we experience. Running 26.2 miles is a commitment in mind and body. I’d like to think that we all have the ability to push through and reach our goals.  – Namaste!

Big Papi captured it best “This jersey that we wear today, it doesn’t say Red Sox, it says Boston. We want to thank you, Mayor Menino, Governor Patrick, the whole police department for the great job they did this past week. This is our f*ckin’ city and nobody is gonna dictate our freedom. Stay strong!”



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