Monthly Archives: January 2005

Johnny Damon and Ford!

I assisted another photographer with on-site printing while he shot pictures of Johnny Damon and his myriads of fans at the car show in Providence, RI. Apparently, fans were lined up for as long as 10 hours waiting for Johnny. He would shoot a picture of a fan with Johnny and repeat for 3 hours. I moved the…

DWF Convention!

I’m booked for the Digital Wedding Forum Convention in Las Vegas, from 3/19 to 3/24. It runs concurrently with the WPPI Convention and Tradeshow. I’m really psyched! Here’s some more info: “The DWF Convention will be a learning experience that could change your career! Intensive seminars will feature some of the world’s best wedding photographers….

Lakeview Pavillion

I assisted John Mackintosh from Mackintosh Photography today. I worked with two cameras today. One used my telephoto 70-200is with flash and the other used the 16-36 2.8 with no flash. I was also able to be in front of the bride during the ceremony. Which, is a rarity. Lakeview Pavillion is gorgeous, it’s really…