Hello! Thanks for stopping by my site. I hope you enjoy the images I love to create. I started shooting professionally in 2004 and captured my last wedding in 2013 which happened to be a wonderful samesex wedding. I have captured several hundred weddings in my 11 years of shooting and love all the memories from them.

In 2013 I changed gears in life as I was blessed with a grandchild and I took the opportunity to help take care of her. What a blesssing!! Truly one of my favorite yet, challenging experiences in my life.

My weekends are now the most valuebale part of my life and I have taken a step back from shooting weddings since. I currently find my love of photography expressed with Instagram and the beauty of Boston and New England are what insterests me today.

Please follow me at - http://www.instagram.com/jeffnewcum

About Me

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Nice to meet you

Jeff captured his love for photography as a teenager and knew from the outset that this was a passion that created intense joy in his life. He pursued photography throughout his life, and in 2004 started photographing weddings.

He’s constantly striving to create unique images that encompass the excitement and love of your wedding day. His creative skills have been developed further by attending educational events for professional wedding photographers and numerous photography seminars. Jeff's philosophy is that people, lives, and memories only happen once. 

He strives to find your special moments, scenes, and emotional expressions throughout your wedding day, and depict them in a fun and exciting way, so that you have a living record of your special day.

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